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Core FTP Server is a very light and function-rich FTP server. I remember using this server in the past, when FTP was the most popular protocol for file transfers, and it still remains one of the most compact and functional FTP servers around. The application isn't free, but you can give it a good try using the trial.

In terms of functionality, Core FTP Server performs great. FTP connections are quick and stable and file transfers are a breeze. You can create several domains and monitor them all from the main window. Domain and user creation are two different tasks but are very similar. When you create a domain, you have to assign a path that users will see. Each user can be assigned a different path, but that is done via the user creation dialog. There is support for virtual paths, so you don't give out the location of your files. If you look at the settings, you will see that Core FTP Server is a very complete app, and I couldn't possibly tell you about all of its features in such a short review.

Core FTP Server isn't the easiest FTP server to set up. I am by no means saying it is hard to do, but the average user might get confused. This is because the application is very robust and there are settings that most users will never use.

All in all, Core FTP Server is a very good server that works well, is powerful and very customizable.

José Fernández
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